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Kitchen is often one of the main rooms in a house. We are aware that it is not only a place to prepare your cuisine, but also a hub of every home. Each time you come back to your house, kitchen is the spot to direct your first steps towards. It gathers families, helping them spending quality time. It is also a perfect place to sit together with your guests.

We spend a lot of time in a kitchen each day, therefore it is substantial to ensure that place cosiness and perfect appearance. In Kamix we deal with it comprehensively, delivering you solutions, advising and building kitchens that suit you perfectly.

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How do we work?

Our job begins with clarifying your needs. The more we know about your ideas and expectations the better and more suitable solution we are able to present you with. This is by all means the most significant part of the design and we take this very seriously.

After gathering information about your dream kitchen we move on to the next step which is measuring. In order to fit all the cabinets, worktops and other furniture we need to measure the place thoroughly. We do it carefully and usually repeat it to be certain that every inch of your new kitchen is included in the project.

Afterwards, our experts match the results of the survey with your needs, putting all of the data into the computer. Our designers carefully choose the most suitable furniture according to your guidelines. Owing to the experience acquired over the years we are able to advise you in order to decide on the most appropriate solution. As a result of this we are able to proudly present you a 3D visualisation of your future kitchen.

Once the design is completed we move on to the next stage of our work. In Kamix we emphasise on the quality. Not only we provide an excellent craftsmanship but also we use top quality materials. Owing to this combination we are able to deliver finest kitchens that enchant the hearts of our clients and their guests.

Our materials

We believe that kitchen is a unique place in each home and, hence, should be equipped with the most superior fittings. That is why we choose only the high-class materials and our work is based on Blum’s products. Solutions provided by Blum breathe life into every corner of a kitchen, increasing the comfort of use of the furniture.

Feedback from our customers suggests that the materials we select are an excellent choice. Our clients claim that the everyday use of kitchens designed by Kamix is an exceptional experience. This strengthens our conviction that the finest craftsmanship can only go hand in hand with high-class materials.

We use RAL colour standard to decorate your kitchen with shades of your choice. We will also gladly provide you with varnished fronts on special request.

Kitchens designed by Kamix can be fully customised. Alternatively, we provide our clients with standard solutions. We are very flexible.


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